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ITI Timspec Speaks **NEW** 30 Sep 2019

Lots of new stuff is happening at our end, many changes and exciting times for us. To start with, we had Dr. Pablo van der Lugt from Accsys Technologies, Netherlands in New Zeland last week. Pablo van der Lugt is a passionate advocate of high performance bio based materials.


In the vision of van der Lugt, the essential transition towards a more circular economy there are tremendous opportunities for smart bio based materials made from fast growing resources such as (modified) softwood and (engineered) giant bamboo, to substitute carbon intensive, high performance materials from the techno cycle such as metals, minerals and plastics (PVC). He has written few books on sustainable building materials, including Booming Bamboo (2017), which details the latest developments in design and architecture using bamboo. Van der Lugt has given presentatiuon to various architectural firms in Auckland and Christchurch.


Prior to Pablo's trip to New Zealand, we hosted the annual Australia New Zealand Accoya conference, a resounding success. The outcomes are exciting for us as we see new opportunities arising. The recent Architects trip to Arnhem and the upcoming Joiners trip to Australia are important keys to the better understanding of what can be done with this fantastic timber. 


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