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05 Apr 2019
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01 Mar 2019
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05 Oct 2018
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05 Mar 2018

ITI Timspec Speaks | Joinery Update | 24 Oct 2019

 in Australia. Sales have surprised many. In conjunction with Accsys Technologies Ltd, ITI TImspec took the group of Joiners to see what is going on.. The guys had three days of exposure to some Joinery practice training, as well as hands on visits to key joinery shops in and around Sydney.

Western Red Cedar Supplies are certainly in our spot light. A few significant supply chain changes with sawmill closures and the strike action at WFP continues. We like all NZ Importers have large stocks of WR Cedar drying and work in progress which means no immediate impact however a betting man would want a bit more certainty around supplies into later in 2020. We have been reviewing supply options and at this stage don't see too many issues. However, the number of supply options has certainly reduced and no doubt pricing will come under more pressure ..

The demand for the new FJ laminated Taun we are offering the market has surprised us and customers seem well pleased with the stock. It is 100% FSC® certified and note that it is designed for paint quality only. Check out taun here