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05 Apr 2019
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"Timspec Ltd" is now officially called "ITI Timspec Ltd" 05 Apr 2019

Timspec has been accquired by ITI Ltd and the deal is done today officially and so from now on Timspec Ltd will be trading as ITI Timspec.

Everything is same but some things change internally in regards to stocks and perspectives.

The business continues as usual and same staff continues to meet you or get on the phone when you contact us next time.

Chris Wiffen and Rex Holmes, Managing directors of Timspec Ltd now will be working with ITI Timspec Ltd in the management and administration areas.

We all are excited and in the learning process of the new systems that are overtaking at the moment.

You will notice our new logo and other new stuff coming up in next few weeks time.

Chris Wiffen and Rex Holmes shaking hands with the new director of ITI Timspec LTD