Yellow Cedar

A pale yellow-coloured softwood, with a fine, even texture and is straight grained. Very stable. Acid resistant. Grain is usually straight, though sometimes wavy, with uniform medium texture. Yellow Cedar is aromatic, when freshly cut and free from pitch and resin. It tends develop brown discoloration when in contact with iron and under damp conditions  

Yellow Cedar is commonly used for flooring, decking, outdoor furniture, musical instruments, carving, boat building and various utility and construction applications. 

Botanical Name: Chamaecyparis nootkatensis
Other Names: Nootka false cypress, Alaska cypress, Alaska cedar
Origin: Northwestern North America.
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Seasoning: Dries fairly easily and without undue degrade.
Working Qualities: The timber is easily worked and finishes excellently. It can be glued, stained, polished and varnishes well.
Uses: Carving, boatbuilding, siding, flooring, decking, outdoor furniture, musical instruments (flutes, soundboards on guitars), boxes and chests, and various utility/construction applications


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Mechanical Properties

Janka Hardness: 2.6 kN
Modulus of Rupture: 76.6 MPa
Modulus of Elasticity: 9.79 GPa
Max Crush Strength: 43.5 MPa
Comp Strength Perp to Grain: 4.74 MPa
Comp Strength Parallel to Grain: 45.9 MPa
Shear Strength Parallel to Grain 9.21 MPa

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