Certclad Weatherboards

CertClad is the ITI Timspec brand name representing certified cavity-based weatherboard cladding system. It has been tested and assessed in accordance with the requirements of NZ Building Code clause E2/AS1 by a third-party organisation and has attained CodeMark certification.

What is CodeMark?

CodeMarkCodeMark is a voluntary product certification scheme that provides an easily understood and robust way to show a building product meets the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code. A product can be a building, construction method, building design or a building material. CertClad systems are CodeMark certified and are approved to be used as a partial or full cladding system for residential or small scale commercial building types.

Testing, Compliance & Consenting

The CertClad weatherboard systems are audited annually by a third party independent auditor, within the framework of JAS-ANZ. These systems are not only compliant to NZ Building Code but, exceed the minimum requirements. Moreover, CertClad certified systems are deemed to comply, and are generally not subjected to the discretion of consenting authorities in New Zealand.


The warranty for each species and or system is outlined in the relevant CertClad system documents. CertClad cladding systems are warranted only if, installed using ITI Timspec approved products and in accordance with the installation manuals and drawings provided by ITI Timspec. For more information please call us on (09) 620 0260.

How it helps your building consent process

Easier - Less hassle and easier for both the applicant and the Territorial Authority.

Quicker- The Territorial Authority does not need to do any background research, they simply need to check the validity of the CodeMark certification.

Guaranteed to be Accepted- Legislation states that a Territorial Authority must accept CodeMark certified products as complying with Building Code. As long as your building is within the scope and follows the installation specification it will be accepted. No more annoying rejections and having to re-submit your application.

Certainty - You get peace-of-mind knowing that the system has undergone testing, investigations, and audits to prove that it will stand the test of time.

The Code Mark Process

ITI Timspec is subject to annual audits and has strict Quality Assurance Systems in place to ensure that everything we do is up to standard. This system encompasses things from grading and treatment requirements for the timber through to customer services requirements such as providing correct information and handling inquiries and complaints.

We at ITI Timspec are proud that we were the first major timber importer to be FSC® and PEFC™ Chain-of-Custody accredited. We always try to provide FSC® and PEFC™ certified timber weatherboards. Find more information on our certifications here.

Weatherboard Profile Types: Bevelback | Rusticated | Vertical Shiplap

Timber Options

ITI Timspec has four CodeMark approved weatherboard systems, two horizontal and two vertical. The options available are shown in the table:

Species Profile Coating Price
Radiata Bevel Back, Rusticated, Vertical, Shiplap on Batten, Vertical Shiplap on Rigid Air Barrier


Western Red Cedar Bevel Back, Rusticated, Vertical Shiplap on Batten, Vertical Shiplap on Rigid Air Barrier


Accoya Bevel Back, Rusticated, Vertical Shiplap on Batten, Vertical Shiplap on Rigid Air Barrier

Pre- Primed

Medium - High

This gives you a total of 540 different cladding options. Please note some profiles are stain-finished and not recommended for Radiata