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Seasonal Edition 21 Nov 2019

As we approach the “silly” season has been busy. It is interesting to note however, that house sales reports are still not where we think that they should be. The latest reports suggest a “subdued” market. Read more here>> So this means less inclination towards doing Spec. houses and this does play a big role in the market.

The Dept. of Statistics report on Building Consents being issued does suggest we are still consenting but the question is how many are being actioned?

Sales very strong with demand for Vitex and Kwila at elevated levels. We are processing some Vitex now for delivery in December. seeing very strong interest and suggest people get in smartly to order as it wont last long. Costs on Vitex are up and so sell price will be up over $1/LM..

Kwila demand is strong also and we are seeing supplies run out the door. Accoya and Spotted Gum decking are also selling very well. Sales of Eva last are going very well and we expect these to follow the trend overseas and grow.

Check out the ITI Timspec decking installation


CertClad sales remain strong and demand across the board reflects the Building Consent data as above. We have good stocks of Radiata Pine as well as WR Cedar. Accoya sales are going very well, especially in dark coloured coatings.

WR Cedar demand remains strong, and so far no major hiccups from the closures and strike action in Canada. The closures of 2 main stream suppliers, will bite, but inlikely to see any impact until mid to late 2020. There will be some impacts.. The WFP strike has now dragged on for 4 months with no signs of any resolution.

T&G Flooring
White Oak demand remains strong and sales are ahead of target. We have bought and now stock Australian Black Butt and Spotted Gum T&G in solid form (i.e. 130x19mm e/m) as well as in an engineered form 186x14mm. We have a wide selection of Engineered and Solid T&G, as per stock lists attached. Go to T&G Flooring page>>



 Big news for us is our new distribution status for Weathertex, which we start from 1st Dec. We will be taking over Gunnersens stock and have ordered stock from Australia to top up things.. Weathertex is a fabulous product… Check it out>>

BRANZ Appraised | Warranty |category winner in ‘External Wall Materials|

Watch videos>>



Weathertex Cladding