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Weathertex is on Masterspec now!! 08 Mar 2022

Weathertex is on Masterspec now!!
After months of ticking boxes, we are excited to announce Weathertex products are now listed on Masterspec. It has been a long hard road to get to this point and the architectural team at ITI Timspec along with Weathertex has completed the in-depth task. This is widely used by the architectural community as it makes specification easier.

Masterspec is New Zealand's market leader in specification systems relating to information and supporting software to the New Zealand construction industry. Masterspec provides specification systems to architects, engineers, designers, utility companies, government organisations and tertiary institutions. Products include seven fully-maintained Masterspec libraries with more than 1000 work sections covering the entire construction process. More than 1400 New Zealand design practices use Masterspec systems to specify. To find out more about Masterspec, follow the link: